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Steeped in innovation


MaST has over 40 years of business experience, we are solid enough to have seen businesses through all parts of the economic cycle and through seismic shifts in business practice and culture.


We are also however a company that has innovation at its heart. We have developed, and continue to evolve, a series of cutting-edge training modules that benefit not only from the latest research into behaviours and psychometric diagnostics but also from innovative delivery methods such as live, immersive roleplay.


MaST was founded in 1972 and grew rapidly to be a national and international organisation experienced at delivering worldwide learning and development. Recent investment has brought the opportunity to expand into wider sectors of delivery other than our central focus on Leadership and Management. We now provide training suitable for a rapidly changing world including Security Sector and Cyber specific courses and our new Online learning portal.


We have a team of over 20 full time consultants based throughout Britain and a wide network of long-term associate consultants many of which are based globally. Consultants undertake regular professional development internally and network externally to ensure their knowledge and skills are kept up to date and the highest standards maintained.


The consistent, proven and reliable quality of training that MaST provides is vital to our continued success but it is our innovative delivery methods and our focus on ensuring that courses are based on state-of the art research and adapt to reflect current cultures and values that keeps MaST in its position as one of the leading providers of learning and development both in the UK and on a global platform.

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