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29 Jul 2020



Worry, stress and anxiety never changed anything…

…except how healthy you are mentally.


This highly engaging visual collateral is created expressly to provide trainers with the materials they need to add immersive understanding of and insight into the issues in the workplace that can damage wellbeing.

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The materials support the following learnings:

  • An understanding of the impact – both on individuals and on organisations - of a failure to provide adequate support to enable resilience and wellbeing.  Including -
    • How workplace stress can reduce confidence, capacity and productivity.
    • The increased achievement of potential that comes from a sense of wellbeing. 
  • An awareness of how to spot the signs and symptoms that ‘something is not right’ – both in yourself and in others.
  • An increased understanding of managing wellbeing in the workplace – including self-care and how to support others when you first notice a need.
  • Indications of where to signpost anyone who may need more support than a good listener.
  • Understanding of the impact of the COVID-19 situation on our general wellbeing

Wellbeing V1.0
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